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Gaz Carbonique Ltée (GAZCARBO) was founded in 1959 by Mr Roger Cayeux with the aim of starting the production of food-grade carbon dioxide (CO2) in Mauritius to serve the soft drink industry both locally and regionally. Since then the company has kept diversifying its activities and is now producing and /or importing a vast range of Industrial and Medical gases for distribution to hundreds of local and regional clients including major industries, clinics and hospitals. GAZCARBO is also a major player in the welding and cutting sectors and represents major world-class brands such as Lincoln Electric and Air Liquide Welding. GAZCARBO today relies on a team of 120 individuals who are in their starting blocks to deliver the goods in accordance with strict international norms in these highly specialized activities...

Our objectives GAZCARBO strives to deliver the goods even to the most demanding clients, in the very specialised fields of Industrial and Medical gases, Welding and Cutting, as well as in various gas related activities in accordance with strict international norms.

Availability - As gas supplies can often be vital to our clients (especially in the medical sector) GAZCARBO has been investing significantly over the years to provide backups and strategic buffer stocks to guarantee reliable supply chains.

High standards - We are certified FSSC 22000 which allows us to sell our products to bottlers of world-renowned beverages brands. We are also certified OSHAS 18001 which ensures that we take the necessary health and safety precautions associated with our activities thus creating a safer environment for our stakeholders.

International clients - We are proud to serve our international clients who come to Mauritius for specific projects or who have become regular customers in the region.

Market Share - GAZCARBO is a major player in a very competitive and specialised sector, thanks to 50+ years of investments and experience...

Consumables and Equipment - You can order your consumables and/or equipment with us now!

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